Mac OS X download and installation


  1. If you do not have Stuffit Expander on your machine download from and install. Disable all antivirus software on your computer. Then download the file Workbench_macos_2_0.dmg. Double-click this file to extract the contents.

  2. After extraction, copy the “SNAP Workbench Installer” to your Desktop and double-click the application icon to start the installer. If you do not copy the installer to the Desktop the installation will roll back after it's finished. If the installer informs you that your Java version is insufficient use Software Update (under the Apple Menu) or download the update here.

  3. Press next on the welcome screen.

  4. Accept the license agreement and press next again. Select the location where you want SNAP Workbench to be installed. In most cases the default setting, “Applications” folder, should be fine.

  5. When the installation is complete press finish to close the installer. You must log out or restart computer before using SNAP Workbench.

  6. Open the SNAP Workbench folder and double click on the Workbench program icon. Click OK in the Project Gallery window to open the CHV1 project. This is a subset of the data in Carbone et al., 2004 (Carbone, I., Y. Liu, B. I. Hillman and M. G. Milgroom (2004) Recombination and migration of Cryphonectria hypovirus 1 as inferred from gene genealogies and the coalescent. Genetics 166, 1611-1629). Return to the SNAP Workbench folder located in “Applications” and open the CHV1_README file in the "Documentation" folder. Follow the steps in the example to familiarize yourself with some of the features and programs in SNAP Workbench.