Mobyle SNAP Workbench

Two options are available 

  1. Use now by connecting to Mobyle SNAP Workbench
  2. Install Mobyle SNAP Workbench on a local machine

To deploy a copy of Mobyle SNAP Workbench on a local server follow these installation steps

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of Mobyle downloaded and installed.  Instructions for doing so can be found here
  2. Download the Mobyle SNAP Workbench xmls
  3. Extract the xmls. (tar -zxvf snap_xmls.tar.gz)
  4. Move the xmls to [your mobyle core install directory]/Services/Programs/ (mv snap_xmls/*.xml [my_moyble_dir]/Services/Programs/). It is not necessary to to use all of the xmls. You can move individual xmls if you would like to pick and choose which to use.
  5. Deploy the xmls.  Run [your mobyle core install directory]/Tools/mobdeploy -s local -p all deploy
  6. In order for the xmls to work you must have the corresponding programs installed on your system.  Make sure that you have downloaded and installed all programs you would like to run as well as any prerequisites they may have. Details for doing this will vary by program and should be available on the program author's webpage.
  7. Make sure that the programs you have installed are on mobyle's PATH. Mobyle's PATH is set in the mobyle config file, which is [your mobyle core install directory]/Local/Config/ Look for the line which looks like "BINARY_PATH = ["/usr/local/bin"]" and add any directories which you have installed programs to.